I pride myself on being so bright, intelligent and on the ball for my age.

Just arrived at the Boundary Mill, Sheffield. Drove without mishap along the M 1 but missed the turning off on the A road so wasted 5 minutes turning back.

Parked safely and headed for the cafe in the outlet. Asked where the “Ladies” was but as it was at the other end of the store decided to wait and joined the cafe queue. A few minutes later a gentleman behind tapped me on the shoulder. The assistant was calling me for my turn but I was lost in thought.

Successfully ordered my coffee and cake but couldn’t see the cutlery stand. Assistant pointed. Just to my side!

Hoping the coffee will perk me up before I do serious shopping!

Now unable to download. Probably because no internet connection in store. It is 11 am. Will try at home.

Back at home. No mishaps!


  1. Irene says:

    Barbara I responded to your Pride Taken Fall, have you seen it as it doesn’t appear


    1. No Irene, it hasn’t come up. Funny because this one has!


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