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A 9 year olds improvement to the Van Gogh style


During my training I was introduced to Jean. Jean had contracted Polio as a young woman which had seriously disabled her. Now at the age of eighty she required a caliper on one leg and the use of crutches. I would be required to attend her every Thursday morning when her regular carer Jenny wasContinue reading “A SCARY CUSTOMER”


If you now have an empty nest or maybe living on your own I can’t recommend too highly the advantage of having a pet and it’s very good for mental well-being. Perhaps a dog or a cat, maybe even a bird. Just in the last few months I know of three instances where taking onContinue reading “GET A PET!”

Fit and Healthy

In 2020 I booked a weeks cruise in the Mediterranean for May that year. When Covid started it was cancelled and besides being disappointed I was worried that with the advancing years I wouldn’t be as fit when eventually it was back on. I decided to go onto a fitness routine and give myself aContinue reading “Fit and Healthy”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I try to use technology whenever I can and now always use the hand held scanners to do my supermarket shopping. My problem is not with the scanning of the barcodes, it’s trying not to drop the scanner as my hands do not have the same grip as in my youth. Of course the answer is to put the scanner in the hole in the handle of the trolley but unfortunately not every trolley has one!


    1. Well you are one up on me! I haven’t had the confidence .
      Must make it my next challenge!


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