The frustrations and funny side of the advancing years



I am very excited at the moment! I an one of those fortunate people wh really lookforward to happy events. My cup is usually half full which can be a blessing or not if things go wrong. I am shortly about to embark on a cruise. i booked it over 2 years ago along withContinue reading “GREAT EXCITEMENT AHEAD”


This morning I went to the local garden centre which has a large gift shop, smaller independent shops and a wonderful cafe with the best and largest selection of cakes and deserts I have ever eaten. I queued at the counter, selected syrup tart with a little pot of cream and waited whilst my CappuccinoContinue reading “MUSINGS OF AN ELDERLY LADY!”


During my training I was introduced to Jean. Jean had contracted Polio as a young woman which had seriously disabled her. Now at the age of eighty she required a caliper on one leg and the use of crutches. I would be required to attend her every Thursday morning when her regular carer Jenny wasContinue reading “A SCARY CUSTOMER”

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  1. Karen says:

    Wonderful posts that we all can relate to


  2. What an awesome blog! Thanks for traveling across the pond to visit my Aging Gracefully With God blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Life is worth living and one should never stop meeting new people and putting love into action. Blessings to you!


    1. Thank you for your reply Carol Ann. It’s great to be in contact with someone in the U.SA. and hear about your lifestyle.


  3. Irene hill says:

    When, to Barbara, I spoke of enjoying writing, I should have said I have been forced to “enjoy” writing. I was silly enough to take on the baton of editor of our parish magazine- note the word “editor”. Unfortunately and annoyingly, despite requests people are not sending contributions. I have reluctantly had to take on the job of journalist. If on holiday I am always on the lookout for ideas, taking other churches magazines for appropriate issues, reading my subscribed monthly magazines for titles and sourcing old books about the history of the area. I do quite enjoy once I start each month but I find it terribly stressful! I have 13 pages to fill!


    1. Irene, that is what I call being really proactive and why you are still the youthful person you are!
      It’s really good you are doing all this and even if others aren’t always supportive you obviously just keep on. I love the photos you send us at Ladies Who Lunch!
      If it’s not to much trouble please send anything you think appropriate to this site. It would encourage all of us who are striving to be young at heart.
      Thank you Irene.


  4. Irene hill says:

    Now I am older I look back to parenthood and realise I didn’t always fully appreciate my children’s childhood, I now think I am more tolerant of their adult ideas and opinions.Also I find I now can enjoy my grandchildren more with the weight of experience gained.
    Although when they (1 son, 1daughter) try and “blame” me for their bad habits, opinions and dress sense!! I remind them that they were only under my influence for 18 years the other 24/22 years were under their own control.


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