I pride myself on being so bright, intelligent and on the ball for my age. Just arrived at the Boundary Mill, Sheffield. Drove without mishap along the M 1 but missed the turning off on the A road so wasted 5 minutes turning back. Parked safely and headed for the cafe in the outlet. AskedContinue reading “PRIDE TAKEN A FALL!”


    I have two personae connected to my make up look and depending on what mood I am in and who I want to impress. One is the Joan Collins of Barnsley look. Heavy eye shadow and mascara coupled with bright lipstick and big hair and my best more colourful clothes. The other is the littleContinue reading “WHICH IS THE REAL ME?”


    IS THIS A PROBLEM OF AGING? From a young age I would lose my purse, often to find it down the back of the sofa. I used to frequently leave my coat in the pub and sadly my youngest son has inherited this trait! Then I acquired a car, so my car keys were addedContinue reading “WHERE DID I PUT IT?”

  • Don’t know whether I am coming or going 😀

    Don’t know whether I am coming or going 😀

    I have not been very active lately with YOUTHFUL SENIORS! This was a because I have been so PRO-ACTIVE! I have been on my cruise and I wasn’t disappointed. It met all of my expectations. Great food throughout the day and evening into the early hours and the nightly shows were second to none. TheContinue reading “Don’t know whether I am coming or going 😀”


    I am very excited at the moment! I an one of those fortunate people wh really lookforward to happy events. My cup is usually half full which can be a blessing or not if things go wrong. I am shortly about to embark on a cruise. i booked it over 2 years ago along withContinue reading “GREAT EXCITEMENT AHEAD”


    This morning I went to the local garden centre which has a large gift shop, smaller independent shops and a wonderful cafe with the best and largest selection of cakes and deserts I have ever eaten. I queued at the counter, selected syrup tart with a little pot of cream and waited whilst my CappuccinoContinue reading “MUSINGS OF AN ELDERLY LADY!”

  • The Coffee Bar Challenge

    I went into Barnsley Town Centre the other morning to do a bit of shopping and have a look round the market. I had decided to have a coffee and be adventurous and choose a new venue. I felt i had been getting into a bit of a rut favouring familiar places, mainly tea shops.Continue reading “The Coffee Bar Challenge”

  • GET A PET!

    If you now have an empty nest or maybe living on your own I can’t recommend too highly the advantage of having a pet and it’s very good for mental well-being. Perhaps a dog or a cat, maybe even a bird. Just in the last few months I know of three instances where taking onContinue reading “GET A PET!”