I am very excited at the moment! I an one of those fortunate people wh really lookforward to happy events. My cup is usually half full which can be a blessing or not if things go wrong.

I am shortly about to embark on a cruise.

i booked it over 2 years ago along with my sister and her husband but it was cancelled several times because of Covid! Now it is finally on, a trip around the Meditteranian. Cant wait. All my summer clothes selected, EU adapter bought and a new Pacamac just in case.

Now to make it even better, when I return my new dog will be arriving!

Harry died last Christmas after more than 11 years of constant companionship. He saw me through the death of my husband, Covid and other traumatic incidents. Despite having little Billy my Miniature Schnauzer I felt really bereft after having an English Setter or two in the home for near;y 40 years.

I thought long and hard, could i introduce a new Setter to my quiet household? They can be rather boisterous, selectively deaf, naughty and expensive to maintain. I further pondered and came to the decision, YES. But not a puppy which should have a livelier household.

I decided on a rescue English Setter. Joined Settusfree which rehomes Setters from Europe which have been abandoned by the illegal hunting fraternity. I was vetted and home checked for suitability. Two i applied for weren’t deemed suitable and I was becoming very despondent when the Laison Administrator for Italy asked would I consider Charles? I certainly would. I had seen him on the site, he was described as 4 years old, sweet and affectionate requiring lots of human contact. Likes the outdoors, is inquisitive and good with other dogs.

So Charles is now reserved and travelling to this country on the “HAPPY BUS”, early in June.

No dog will replace Harry but as with children there is always room for another one to love.

So great excitement and a lovely month ahead.


  1. Karen Jones says:

    Super times a head Barbara !


  2. Irene hill says:

    Best wishes for you holiday and for giving a dog a loving home. I’m sure he will be a lovely companion.


    1. Thank you Irene


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