FURTHER TRAINING: Adventures of a care worker

I had the weekend off from training to be a care worker but did a driving lesson as although I had supposedly retired one of my pupils had still to pass her test.

Early on Monday I met up with Linda in Kendal for the first time, a buxom and jolly care worker who had a wealth of experience. Inside the house we met Margaret the wife of our “client” who was in bed in the back living room. Jeff at the age of 60 had had a massive stroke which had left him paralysed down most of his body. He could still speak and despite his disability was cheerful. The plan for Jeffs care was 3 visits a day, the morning and evening requiring 2 care workers as he needed a 2 person hoist to lift him out of bed and into a wheelchair.

I had learnt how to do this whilst on in house training but was pleased Linda was there to guide me. Jeff was maneuvered to the edge of the bed and lifted into a special wheelchair which was suitable for placement under the shower and over the toilet in the bathroom, which was next door. We undressed Jeff placing a towel to cover his modesty. All accompanied by cheerful chat.

Jeff then moved his bowels in the bathroom and I pushed him over to the shower and later, dried and clothed we hoisted him into his daytime wheelchair, pushed him into the lounge where Margaret was waiting to give him his breakfast.

I found this quite strenuous work despite there being two of us and Linda absolutely fantastic at the job.

I went many times to help with Jeff and was always amazed by Margarets attitude and care of him despite him having been a drinker and womanizer and having had several affairs. He should really have been in a nursing home and Margaret was always desperate by the time annually she had a fortnight’s holiday in Spain when Jeff went into respite care.

I always tried not to think fate dealt Jeff a blow he brought on himself!


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  1. Karen Jones says:

    Very interesting story. More please k x


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