• AM I OLD?

    Insanity is inherited, you get it from your children!

  • Be Proactive

    Be Proactive

    I was widowed a few years ago after 45 years of happy marriage. It wasn’t unexpected as my husband was 12 years older than me and the final 12 months had been hard for both of us. Fortunately I like my own company so living on my own isn’t a problem but I have aContinue reading “Be Proactive”

  • The F Word

    I have never had anyone swear at me using the “F” word! I was 16 when I saw it written on a menu as I was serving in a cafe and innocently asked the lady owner what it meant. We were both extremely embarrassed when she told me! Now in my dotage I am anContinue reading “The F Word”

  • Did I enjoy my holiday?

    I have just been on a two week holiday in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands where I have been many times in the last twenty years. It is a 500 miles drive by car. The weather was awful. Lots of wind, rain and very cold days. The self catering cottage, a croft house,Continue reading “Did I enjoy my holiday?”


    WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE COUNTRYSIDE? Whilst walking the dog this morning down another country lane ( see the tale of the trolley) and having open fields to one side and converted barns fronted by gardens on the other I spotted a brush pan with a brush lying to the side of the roadContinue reading “THE MYSTERY OF THE BRUSHPAN AND BRUSH!”

  • The Tale of the Trolley

    THE TALE OF THE TROLLEY I was walking the dog down an unmade country lane which lies between the local railway line and fields with grazing horses. Halfway down I came across an almost new Tesco trolley. Nothing in it and no indication as to why it was there. Now the nearest Tesco store isContinue reading “The Tale of the Trolley”


    DINING OUT WITH A TEENAGER. My 18 year old grandaughter was due to go to University the following week so I texted her and and asked would she like to go out for lunch. The reply was, Nana, could we go to Meadow Hall Shopping Centre, there are a few last minute bits I need.Continue reading “A LOVELY TIME WITH MY GRANDAUGHTER”

  • IS IT ME?

    I was walking the dog the other day when my phone rang. I managed to pull it out of my pocket despite the dog going berserk and it said call number unknown. “Hello” I said, and a faint voice said something which being partially deaf I was unable to hear. With the dog jumping andContinue reading “IS IT ME?”