For a few days one week I was asked to go and work in another very scenic area on the Cumbrian coast.

All went well on my first day until the last visit, timed at 1 p.m. in order to make lunch for a lady with mild dementia, Mrs White of 4 Sandings Lane. I found free Lane easily using my area street guide ( No SAT NAVS then!) but no number 4. The numbers jumped from 3 to 12 and although I knocked at a few doors everyone was obviously out at work.

Near-bye I saw the local pub standing on the corner and by this time I was fed up and tired and it was now 1.30pm. I entered and marched up to the bar where several workmen of various ages stood chatting to the landlord. Silence descended when they noticed me in my nurse type uniform and dark trousers. I told them my problem and they were very helpful discussing amongst themselves the possibilities of where no 4 could be. “I know” said a big rough looking character, “It will be one of those new bungalows built at the back, off the lane! “. “ It’s only just round the corner love!”

I left not convinced but to my relief quickly found a group of smart bungalows with number 4 nestling in the middle.

I knocked at the front door, turned the handle and walked in with my usual cheery greeting “ Hello, I am Barbara from Home Care”. The room was beautifully furnished and carpeted in cream wool with large French windows overlooking a pretty stone walled garden. Mrs White was a smart lady in her mid seventies well dressed in blue and sitting in an armchair watching the local news on television.

“I have come to make your lunch“ I said, then noticed a dinner plate on a side tray with a few remaining chips. “Oh, I have already had my dinner, my neighbour always brings me fish and chips on a Friday.”

Not too surprised as this occasionally happened I asked Mrs White if I could make her a cup of tea which she was pleased about. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I popped back into the lounge for a little chat. “ I think this is wonderful service” Mrs White said, “My son was going to make enquiries about someone coming to help but I didn’t think he had yet”.

A sense of doom overcame me, “Oh we always like to give good service. Remind me, what is your name?” 🤔🤔🤔 “Mrs Porter” she replied! I finished off making the tea, gave it to her and beat a hasty retreat!

I phoned the office to inform them I couldn’t find number 4 Sandings Lane, not mentioning my visit to a Mrs Porter. On looking up the address in their files they found there had been a mistake on my list and the address was in the next village!

So I arrived at 4 Sandings Lane an hour late to find a rather cross Mrs White who had with difficulty made her own lunch!

I explained the problem of the wrong address, failing once again to mention the visit to Mrs Porter and a calmed down Mrs. White insisted I had a cup of tea with her whilst we had a pleasant chat and ate chocolate cake.

I often think about Mrs Porter and how she must have mentioned to her son the lovely care assistant who came and made her a cup of tea! He probably thought his mum had hallucinations as well as dementia and arranged a care home for her!


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  1. Karen Jones says:

    How lovely and cake too !


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