I have two personae connected to my make up look and depending on what mood I am in and who I want to impress.

One is the Joan Collins of Barnsley look. Heavy eye shadow and mascara coupled with bright lipstick and big hair and my best more colourful clothes. The other is the little old lady look. Make- up on but very understated and natural looking with most of my lipstick wiped or worn off!

I have always worn makeup from the age of 15 when I first started work. It is important to me to be made up by breakfast time and I have always kept a make up box in a kitchen drawer just as my mother did.

I will never go outside in the street without at least eyes and lips defined. I remember many many years ago when in hospital after a serious road accident and hardly able to move, asking my sister on the second day to bring me my make up bag!

It makes me feel “more me” and gives me confidence even though those who know me might think that is something I don’t lack!

I was brought down to earth though a few weeks ago when the chiropodist whom I have had several years came unexpectedly. I hadn’t had time to put any make up on and he asked me how I was. “Very well“ I replied and he said “Well you look much better than when I saw you last!”

That had been a full make up day!

Why do I bother!

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  1. Karen Jones says:

    Very funny 😁


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