From a young age I would lose my purse, often to find it down the back of the sofa. I used to frequently leave my coat in the pub and sadly my youngest son has inherited this trait!

Then I acquired a car, so my car keys were added to the list and that has gone on regularly over the passing years. I have wasted hours and was only eventually saved from missing a vital appointment last month by using the spare. I found the missing bunch when I got home, hung up with the dog leads and not on the key hooks in the kitchen.

As I modernize in the the digital world it is either my Ipad but mainly my mobile phone. At least every other day it goes missing. After a search, usually to be found in the bathroom, or the pocket of the coat I wore that morning, occasionally in my handbag having failed to detect it on the first search. I often resort to phoning it from my landline. This usually works but I have countless missed calls from myself! The worst time was when I lost it overnight. I had gone over my movements and thought I had not used it since the day before whilst out shopping. I deduced it had fallen out of my bag when I searched for my credit card. Panic and one last search. Huge relief, it was in the pocket of my car door and I had failed to find it on first looking as it was covered by a mound of rubbish.

As I became older I needed reading glasses. My family would dread the anguished words “Where are my glasses” and everyone would start the search. I thought I had cracked it after I had a laser eye operation to correct my vision and only needed ready readers from the pound shop. Five pairs, one for each room in the house and one for my handbag. After a few weeks I was down to one pair! The others nowhere to be found.

The worst item of all to lose, apart from your children, but that’s another story is the good old credit card. The sense of doom when you come to pay at the shop and no card. Usually because I have used it at home online and forgotten to replace it in my wallet! On several occasions I have left it behind in the shop. Fortunately the cashier has shouted after me “YOU’VE LEFT YOUR CARD LOVE!”

My car is always going missing in car parks. I am sure I parked on the 3 rd floor only to find it on the 4th. I spent 35 minutes once searching for it once and was about to ring the police when I spotted it hiding behind a post!

I do not think I have become worse as I have aged it’s just that I have a lot more equipment to mislay!



  1. Irene hill says:

    A couple of weeks ago I “lost” my Kindle book.
    I looked all over the house, car and phoned my daughter to see if I had left it at house when taking the grandchildren home. No luck. I dreaded telling my “better half”, anticipating his comments on my carelessness.
    Andrew was to cook tea, he handed me my Kindle, where did you find it I asked, in the OVEN was his reply!!!!!
    Does this make me officially old??


    1. I am not sure Irene!
      Worse than when I left my purse in the fridge!


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