Don’t know whether I am coming or going 😀

I have not been very active lately with YOUTHFUL SENIORS!

This was a because I have been so PRO-ACTIVE!

I have been on my cruise and I wasn’t disappointed. It met all of my expectations. Great food throughout the day and evening into the early hours and the nightly shows were second to none. The ship was lovely and had many different areas for eating, socializing and entertainment. There were even quiet spots beside my single person cabin I had my sister and her husband for company and met others for a chat usually leaning over the rail watching the ship dock. A favorite pastime of mine. Had to be up early for that!t

I went on two excursions one to an exploration of an old town and church followed by a tasting of wine, bruschetta, olive oil, cheese and Parma ham. The other to Herculaneum a short drive from Naples. This was ruined and covered in ash at the same time nearby Pompey was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted. It was fascinating. The architecture, wall paintings, tiles and much more. The bones of bodies over 2,000 years old were found by the harbor where people had fled to take shelter in underground tunnels but where killed by the noxious fumes.

I came home looking forward to receiving Charlie a rescue English Setter from Italy. He arrived a week later at 3.45 am in the morning having travelled for 2 days from Naples, through the Dolomites into Switzerland and France and then on the ferry across the Chanel

I had been up all night and didn’t go to bed, stayed in the same clothes throughout the day until I finally got to bed that night at 10.30pm.

It has not been easy. Charlie had never been in a house before and for the first few days was rushing around knocking things over and jumping up at the counters in the kitchen, stealing food whenever he got the chance. He is learning fast now but everything is a work in progress. The biggest problem is his “prey drive” which means every time he sees Flossy the cat he becomes very hypo trying to get at her. Not surprising as he is an ex hunting dog although couldn’t have been much good as he was abandoned on the streets.

He is very sweet natured and worth all the work even the regular daily cleaning up of the accidents he has. My carpets are looking pretty sad and the air freshener doesn’t always do the job but I have given up bothering about it.

I am sure given time I will have a lovely obedient companion! 🤔

POST SCRIPT. 2nd September 2022

Sadly after nearly 8 weeks Charlie has had to be rehomed. His prey drive was too strong. He didn’t just chase my cat Flossy but got himself into constant danger and would hurtle headlong into injury situations!

Within a week he turned from a nervous quiet dog into a reckless boisterous teenager and was thought to be about 18 months and not 4 years old.

He travelled to me as a neutered dog which is normal except in exceptional circumstances but I discovered he had testicles! 😲 A slip up had occurred at the rescue home in Italy and he was missed.

He was neutered by my vet but had a bad reaction and had to be rushed to the emergency vet at midnight but within a fortnight he was well and back to terrorizing the cat and other small creatures.

He is now in a lovely family home with two teenagers and a massive garden and people who love to go on long walks plus no cat.

Just the home he requires. I was devastated to give him up as I had grown to love him and he loved me but all is well now.

Will I get another dog, time will tell. Billy my miniature Schnauzer was diagnosed with diabetes in March and a few weeks ago went completely blind. He is doing well though and his glucose levels have stabilized.

Billy at the moment is supplying my nurturing instinct!


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  1. Irene Hills are says:

    The work will be worth it in the end, but at least you had the wonderful holiday to relax and prepare your mind ready for Charlie. Is he learning English!


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