This morning I went to the local garden centre which has a large gift shop, smaller independent shops and a wonderful cafe with the best and largest selection of cakes and deserts I have ever eaten.

I queued at the counter, selected syrup tart with a little pot of cream and waited whilst my Cappuccino was prepared, then found a nice table to eat and watch the people around me! A lot of husband and wife oldies plus older women, in twos, smartly dressed.

I compared appearances to myself, always pleased when I thought I looked more elegant or better for my age!

I admit I have always been a bit vain about my appearance and am now having to come to terms with the fact I LOOK OLD!

I saw a lady with a gentleman both having sensible eggs on toast, probably in her sixties and I thought she looked a bit blowsy! Her hair looked as though it needed a good cut and was very light blonde, a bit brassy.

A sudden horrified thought hit me, was my light blonde hair that colour. Not caring who was watching I took my mirror out of my bag to compare. Relief! Mine is light blonde but with silvery tones.

I know I am very shallow and admire woman who can feel confident in just being themselves and not worrying how they look! I bet they are not eating unhealthy syrup tart and cream at 10.45 in the morning!

I had a discussion with my daughter recently about our love for chocolate and cake which has also transferred to my nine year old granddaughter. . I have brought them up very badly! But we don’t smoke, drink and have very few takeaways. Have never resorted to drugs, just get our fix from going out for coffee and cake. HAPPINESS.

Having enjoyed my break I went into the shopping area to look at the handbags. I needed something to hold my iPad, phone, purse and passport beside various documents and make up as I am travelling abroad on holiday in a few weeks.

I spent a good half hour unfastening bags, did they have enough pockets and could I unzip quickly and easily? Found the perfect one. Only £24 so if it only lasts the year I will be satisfied.

Finished off by mooching around the outside plant section where I bought three flowering plants suitable for an outside container I have beside my front door.

All together a very satisfying and pleasant morning.

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