The Coffee Bar Challenge

I went into Barnsley Town Centre the other morning to do a bit of shopping and have a look round the market. I had decided to have a coffee and be adventurous and choose a new venue. I felt i had been getting into a bit of a rut favouring familiar places, mainly tea shops. It can be a bit daunting entering a cafe a a single elderly lady on her own. What will be the routine, will it be self service or not, will there be a seat and as i am partially deaf can i tell what the assistant is saying.I had been feeling i was losing my confidence and so i was determined to face the challenge of somewhere unknown. I walked from the market across the road to The Glass House and entered the open doorway. A group of young woman stood inside by a sign saying “Please wait here to be seated” Looking around I could see it had high bar stools and was rather busy and noisy.

Not for me, so I turned around and headed for the trusted Costa Coffee shop nearby, which I new well.


There where some tables outside Costa one occupied by a man and a young woman obviously assistants having some time out. We all nodded and I entered. Almost immediately I realised my mistake, The room was very dark and narrow with exposed brick and wood, assorted tables and chairs, lamps and various odds and ends of ornamentation. I stopped, turned around meeting the assistants coming in to attend me. Very embarrassed I said”wrong place” and being honest ” I thought it was Costa”. Man, middle aged with a baseball cap on and dark apron, looking South American, said in good English with a grin ” Better coffee here than Costa”. “Oh go on” I said and turned back then paused, “But do you have cake?” “Nice cakes ” he replied, “Better than Costa, from Marks ans Spencer”. I ordered a Cappuccino at the counter and a slice of lemon drizzle, the only other choice being chocolate cake. he man preparing coffee said “Only £4.60, cheaper than Costa!” and the young lady took my money.

I sat down. It was very quiet. Only two ladies at the front window table. The coffee and cake were very god. Man in charge and young assistant chatted away amicably together and it was a very nice atmosphere. I do not mind sitting on my own, gives me a chance to think and people watch..

After a short while a man entered. Not young. he had a back pack and looked a bit rough.He inquired at the counter how much a drink would cost and the assistant discussed it with him. He turned and looked at me , turned back and said he would come back later. Hesitated, Glanced at me at me again then walked out. I had been thinking should I buy him a coffee but had the feeling it was a trick he employed frequently. Coffee man looked over at me and said apologetically it was something that occurred now and then and was a bit of a scam.

All in all I enjoyed my coffee and cake in a new venue, added to my experience and next time in town will go there again. I had not failed my challenge. The cafe was called DADDY BEANZ which I assume is a franchise probably known by many but not oldies like me!


  1. Irene hill says:

    It is good to try new venues but was £4.60 for the coffee or coffee and cake?
    I usually take my Kindle book if I am alone for coffee in case I feel I need to not look lonely or lost. But often I find someone who is happy to chat. I was at Stainborough Wentworth on Wednesday for a walk around (about 45mins) and coffee, and a couple were looking at the rhodedendrons and it was their first visit, as I have been quite a few times I was able to inform them of some of the things about Wentworth castle. They also then chatted with me over coffee.
    I think this may be a good place for a Wednesday walk and coffee for the ladies who—? Especially good if you are a National Trust member. The NT have a lot of ideas for going forward with Wentworth Castle and gardens.
    On a different lunch- take, A and I went last week and this week to SHU, Sheffield Hallum University restaurant. The (Hospitality) students were second years. On both days we had different menus, 3course meals. Great atmosphere, tables well dressed and the food fresh and really well cooked. We will go again next week with 4 friends and I expect it to be just as good again.


    1. Irene you will never grow old in mind, you are so proactive and even though you have a husband to partner you, are doing things independently as well. Means you have lots more to talk about to each other.
      It is a good I dea you have to take a book if sitting on your own. I used to do that when I was younger but now having more confidence I just enjoy sitting on my own and watching discreetly the activity around me.
      As you have experienced I often find it is very easy to chat with people in a queue and when visiting places. I think the general public are more relaxed in the company of older ladies!😀
      Sounds really good the university dining and I must take it up. The Coffee and Cake was £4.60 inclusive! 🍰🍮SO BOTH IRENE AND I CAN CONFIRM BEING PROACTIVE KEEPS YOU YOUNG. It means often pushing your self but become easier with time.


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