Fit and Healthy

In 2020 I booked a weeks cruise in the Mediterranean for May that year. When Covid started it was cancelled and besides being disappointed I was worried that with the advancing years I wouldn’t be as fit when eventually it was back on.

I decided to go onto a fitness routine and give myself a chance of still being as active as I was at that moment. Now 2 years later and with the cruise 3 months away I am in pretty good shape despite arthritis in the hip. I put this down to the fact that I watch my diet, walk daily with the dog and do a seniors fitness tape 3 or 4 times a week. I have also started daily exercises to help my arthritis. This may sound time consuming and hard work but it’s not and stops me from just sitting on the couch all day. I also recently started a Dancercise class for the over 65s which only lasts 40 minutes and has the advantage of meeting and chatting to new people.

I can only emphasise once again the importance of being PROACTIVE not only in socialising and mind but in physical activity. Even for those chairbound there are many seated exercises online. Just Google it.

To start I can recommend Hasfit on YouTube. Excercise for all ages and mobility!

If you are already feeling pretty fit or have any tips or moans on keeping mobile let me know. I am always ready to try something new!


  1. Karen Jones says:

    Nice picture of you and Billy !
    Cruise will keep you fit, only don’t walk the plank k x


    1. I will continue the regime both now and after the cruise. Don’t think I will be quite as fit immediately after, not with all the lovely food on tap!


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