NATURE AND NETFLIX A very nice morning

I was walking the dog this morning when I heard honking and looking up saw a pair of geese flying overhead. Continuing the walk i heard further loud noises and saw a large skein of geese flying in formation and very low. It is always a stirring sight and sound which I find quite exciting. I assume they were flying on to Worsbrough Mill Park and Reservoir just a mile further on.

A few days ago I was walking there with a friend and much to my delight saw on the edge of the water, gracefully moving, 6 swans. Now you might think this is not unusual but it is at Worsbrough Mill. Swans are very rare there and over the years I have seen only one or two, now and then, and apart from one year they have never stayed. I expect this group were only stopping off and will be gone by now. Swans give me that feeling a beautiful piece of classical music does.

Returning home after my geese spotting walk I made myself a cup of coffee, sat on the sofa, switched on the T.V. and watched the next episode of a thriller on Netflix. A very pleasant and relaxing morning.


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  1. Karen Jones says:

    So lucky to see them ! K


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