I had been a driving instructor for over 20 years in the Lake District when at the age of 62 I gave it up. I had become bored and felt I could do without the stress! As I was drawing my old age pension I thought I would be able to manage financially.

After a few months life became a little dull and finances needed help so I decided to look around for an interesting part time job. I applied for a variety including cafe work and as a tourist board receptionist. All to no avail. Despite having experience and knowledge I did not even get a reply. It was obvious they took one look at my age and ruled me out. Nowadays I might have been in with a chance as age discrimination is on the agenda.

One job advertised weekly in the local newspaper was that as a home care worker for Cumbria County Council. I thought this was the lowest of the low in jobs and very menial but needs must and my money was tight.

I applied citing my experience of bringing up and caring for 4 children, had an interview and was accepted to start the following week. I signed a contract to work 16 hours a week and the following Monday commenced a fortnights induction experience.

This was highly enlightening, especially assisting to bath a naked elderly man who was very unwilling!

That is another story and I am hoping to relate it under a sub heading “ADVENTURES OF AN ELDERLY CARE WORKER!” Just have to work out how to do that! Another learning curve!


  1. Karen Jones says:

    Please post the rest of the care stories ! K x


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